Wednesday, September 29, 2010

China, is the world's - Interwine one-stop investment Glance

Grand opening ceremony brought together the elite from around the world Portuguese wine

"The Third Guangzhou International Exhibition and the Fifth World wines wines Festival" (Interwine) "China's, is the world" as the theme to "promote the culture of the world's wines and one-stop investment" for the purpose of More than 500 organizations in 15 countries and domestic importers of wine producers participating together. Show organizers will "VIP Buyer recruitment program" to invite the country more than 100 provincial, city and county wine monopoly bureau, more than 10,000 agents were alcohol importers distributors, more than 1,000 star hotels and upscale restaurants, Group buy more than 1,000 institutions (government agencies, airlines, military, banks, foreign companies, associations), 100 Airport Duty Free, 100 large department stores, supermarkets, clubs and other high-grade 100 exhibitors to come and meet to discuss cooperation, site procurement. By then, the organizers will dedicated Festival Awards World wines, imported liquor circulation in China Summit Forum, bartenders exhibition, the world's wines dinner, wine tasting and other countries brilliant exhibition activities.

In today's information society, information resources as the most valuable resource is more and more Chinese and businesses, has become a hot asset. As a pioneer of the "Guangzhou Branch through the exhibition" Nature is also fully aware of the information resource for enterprise development, the significance, so in the booth for exhibitors at the same time, Comtech exhibition uses a wide range of contacts, their own resources and the spirit of reciprocity, to provide industry information for more exhibitors. Show for the exhibitors to provide opportunities for the brand, it is also very specific recommendations to exhibitors strong domestic distributors, and exhibitors to promote the brand in China to provide a complete marketing plan, so that exhibitors can truly feel the exhibition attentive Comtech "one-stop service" for "Guangzhou International Wines Exhibition," a "one-stop business," the exhibition model.

Exhibitors are negotiating with the dealer Romania

Is not only well-known overseas wineries catch the "Interwine" motto Express into China, the leading brands are reluctant to give up by "Interwine" to open up overseas markets. The picture shows the Wuliangye Group booth.

The internationally renowned wine brands into China, China's wine brands to the world is the core of this Interwine, subjects learned person would like to help a good international and domestic situation, to contribute for the spread of wine culture. Interwine welcomed the professional sellers, buyers and spectators coming to a one-stop service to the wine market unimpeded.

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