Monday, September 13, 2010

TD commercial trial on April 1 the minimum consumption of 118 yuan a complete experience

March 28 news, China Mobile officially announced that starting April 1 will be for Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Qinhuangdao 8 cities, the official launch TD-SCDMA socialization business test and trial business.

China Mobile TD (3G) services, the standard list of detailed charges, including voice, video telephony, call transfer, data, part of the value-added services such as case rates, as whole tariff system, if a user selection of the lowest spending package to fully experience TD (3G) services, will cost at least 118 yuan per month.

Package receive two free local calls

The provision of information, TD service voice calls using local basic principle of one-way charging, 0.4 yuan per minute of local calling. Business applications provide two local courses during the test, were 98 packages, 128 packages, two packages of local calls are free.

98 package includes 320 minutes of local calling Length (not including long distance); 128 package includes 460 minutes of local calling Length (excluding long distance), and 30 minutes of domestic roaming long (not including long distance international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Meanwhile, the two packages are presented features caller ID function and ringtones, and 5MB CMWAP mobile Internet traffic. Beyond the package part of the local calling rate of 0.4 yuan / minute charge, domestic roaming is 0.6 yuan / minute.

Video Phone package monthly minimum of three 10 yuan

In addition, local calls based on the package, users can stack three video telephony packages. Are 10 per pack of 20 minutes, 20 yuan package for 50 minutes, and 50 per pack 200 minutes.

Rather than the video phone packages charges 0.6 yuan / minute, and regardless of caller or called party, the local call or roaming the state, in accordance with 0.6 yuan / minute charge, while also involving long-distance call charge 0.1 yuan / 6 seconds The long-distance calls.

Monthly package of four data traffic

Users are most concerned about traffic packages, China Mobile offers five subscription packages are 10 per package 30M, 50 Motokane 200M, 200 Motokane 4G, 300 Motokane 8G, beyond some packages in accordance with 0.01 yuan / KB charge, and with 500 caps.

If you do not choose the above four courses, then according to 0.03 yuan / KB charge.

In accordance with the division of the three types of packages, if a user selection of the lowest consumption of a complete package to experience the TD (3G) services, will cost at least 118 yuan per month, which includes 320 minutes of local calling duration, 20-minute video phone, 35M mobile Internet traffic (including 5M CMWAP), and the electric display and ring tones features.

In addition, according to statistics, China Mobile also offers online audio entertainment, navigation ICT, mobile wallet, wireless music, rural comprehensive information of five video telephony value-added services, in addition to audio and online entertainment part of the business is free, fee business 2 Yuan / 5 minutes, the other in accordance with 0.5 yuan / minute charging fees.

In addition, China Mobile has also developed a 20 yuan / month for video conferencing, messaging and other cell service standards for business users.

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