Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The outcome of the countryside helpless computer

Before writing this article several years ago, I have repeatedly written about the computer market is the last piece of virgin land market in rural China article, remember I once had, "Computer Weekly" reported on the cover of the countryside for the computer to write I went to the countryside with the lyrics:

To rural areas, to the border to go to the motherland where they are most needed, to the countryside to the border to make life radiate more heat and light, more heat and light!

Oh, let me back to my youth of the times!

Computer to the countryside in the last words I heard, I own and excited for a while, but through interviews, surveys, recall was found, it is our subjective desire, this is only the State Government was concerned about a strategy for rural users, in fact, implement them, may have made 5,6 years is not a fruit, frustrating ending.

My hometown, in Jiangsu Suining, there is a fishing village, long a lamp, telephone, I'm not growing up in rural areas, 18 years old pines Miao Village in Guizhou countryside and mountainous areas. 19 years old, the first wife and children back to live in rural areas. After that, especially back home in 1982, Jiangsu Suining, buried my beloved father, the fact I have a 1996 financial, time and conditions back to hometown. 13 years, I went back home four times; add me to the dinner guests in Linyi City, Shandong Province Port Village, Mission Township to back me more than my mother's old nanny Xie Yunfeng maternal aunt Shangfen, send me Changli rural Hebei relatives back to rural areas; to Huaxi Village interviews, a total of seven times to rural areas, and if I want the computer to the countryside from here, farmers will want to buy a computer, you may conclude that their first consideration is to buy mobile phones, buy tractors, cars, and will not buy a computer first.


First, they need cell phones and cars, followed by rural-voltage very unstable, often Hushanhushan lights, and there is the farmers had very carefully, are reluctant to call, let alone the Internet, the Internet is to pay for them additional telephone charges, if voltage is unstable, use less, reluctant to the Internet, not by the wealthy in rural areas, so there are more important, they buy a computer in the end what? playing computer games can not earn money , also costs money, lose money on stuff that I do not buy! If you do not believe me give an example, the past few years I used a digital camera, to give them the original film cameras, they he kept to decline, I began to also costly that they are afraid of me, and I explained that he kept:

"I do not need this film cameras, and lying is lying, you do not owe me anything."

They still evasive, push come to shove, I have pieces of them in the know, they are afraid to use cameras to spend the money to buy film, but also to pay the money washing film, it is better to take pictures of the time, to shoot a photo shop, flower a dollar will be done.

Perhaps my relatives are poor relatives, a walk to the village, almost all the men who work at home have left the elderly and children, by returning to the living of life. There's not working out the male labor force, and some have a tractor Lassa child, there's at home doing imperial board, some simply package to species, a large village and township enterprises have 1,2, are hand-workshop ... ...

These are the client's needs, from computer makers is concerned, we regard the countryside as a hot computer, launch the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and also participate in stimulating the rural market, but also to eliminate the digital divide, socialism, and government how good, still make up the money to buy computers, farmers buy a computer, the government returned 13 percent to farmers, Shang Nazhao this good thing! every respect a great thing that all pieces are big pieces of a good thing.

But the reality is not so easy, not to mention I Peasants live frugally, save the 5,000 yuan to buy a computer, voltage instability, often low, TV Hushanhushan is normal, low voltage can not a computer, Internet I would not want to charge you, the computer can not play the whole Sha money out, even if I tighten their belts in one year savings to buy a computer, with not a mention into use, I Shang Naqu to return 13% to? spending and return the money to two units, get good again IOUs to me, or far away and the trip I took a trip tolls also Baipao, I do not know onto the day, why not direct me 13% cheaper, manufacturers Why not just vote with my end of the invoice to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce claims go? we took a farmer to spend the money to go out 13% of invoices for reimbursement, claims children have ran out the door looking for a good tens of miles way.

As another example, in addition to the computer to the countryside have no choice other than the outcome of, washing machines, refrigerators, TV sets have a similar problem to the countryside, there are voltage instability problems, but also how to use tap water with no washing machine? Eat the vegetables are I ground species are eating now pull, no species to Market (South called ganchang) is to buy and eat one or two ton to complete, to refrigerators do ... ..., not to mention household appliances, computers, and said car, I years went to visit the West Village tour, and everyone has a car, but are placed in the carport strokes ashes, I asked them why they did not open the vehicle? they said, we do not go on far away, do not need cars, I Their answer was choking ... ...

I always wanted to return to my teenager to see the countryside of the Miao Village, where all its conditions, but a lot better than my hometown behind places, there is no electricity still do not know, I originally planned to last May, and Well, like gifts, that is, two desktop computers, one I go to the countryside belongs to the commune - Chia Tai Corporation (now what may be called village), another resident of the stockade to me (village) - Package Luojiazhai , was canceled because the 5.12 earthquake plan, in fact, I had this idea before, are already resigned to the outcome of those who want a good, but I am me, even if I know the outcome of frustration and I have to in 3 years achieved.

Calculated according to residence (urban population of China recently announced more than 600 million), China currently has 700 million rural population, at least 200 million -3 million homes, computer penetration is less than 3-5% penetration rate as the early 90's in Urban China computer penetration rate, if the annual increase of 5 percentage points, while in this period, if 銆攓uality of infrastructure in rural areas every year (network, telephone network) can improve the quality of quantifiable銆?5%, at least, can also be dug 20 years, space rural computer market around year 1000 - 20 million units of capacity, plus now if the city's 300 million computer internet 20% of annual depreciation of about 70 million units the first year of the market, this is what a number of exciting the world that is computer makers in China market space.

Despite my lack of extensive investigation, but I think at least moderately developed to represent rural areas, accounting for 60-70% of China's rural areas. Although I computer to the countryside, home appliances to the countryside with views of the outcome of frustration, but I firmly believe that China's PC market in rural areas is the last and largest of virgin land.




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